Marielaina Armatino

Marketing Director

Marie has a degree in Psychology and keen interests in business. She is in charge of onboarding for new clients and managing marketing campaigns.

Sean Grillo


Sean has 15 years of Marketing Experience. From running a marketing department for an 8 figure company, to launching his own 7 figure companies he has handled all aspects of digital marketing.

Josef Visinski

Operations Manager

Josef comes from an Entrepreneurial background and has scaled small and medium sized companies. He has extensive experience in both marketing and finance.

Steve Molitaris

Google Certified Partner

Currently working with budgets ranging from $500 - $300,000 per month. Managed $5m + in ad spend in 2023 so far. Steve is a leading Google Ads specialist that excels at fine tuning Google PPC campaigns to stay within budget and provide a strong ROI.

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